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Weight in 2 axis: 18Kg.
Weight in 3 axis: 25Kg.
Max. load in 2 axis: 45Kg.
Max. load en 3 axis: 20Kg.
The movement in all 3 axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll) is 360º contiunes and includes:

2 power lines
1 communication line
2 video sinals
1 Triax signal or 1 HD signal
10 auxiliary channels 2A (for tally, audio, etc...)

Power from battery or power supply (included): 24V to 35V /10A
1 connection for Scorpio Focus, Video lens control or other lens control systems
2 out12V/12.5A for normal or high speed cameras
1 out 26.7V/12.5A for normal or high speed cameras
Max. speed in all axis 2.5 sec for 360 degrees


2 and 3 axis remote head for video, HD and film cameras
Mini Scorpio Head can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2.4 GHz designed by Servicevision.
All axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll, and Focus, Iris and Zoom if you use the Scorpio Focus) are programmable and repeatable. The system has a bank of 6 memories of 2 minutes each one. In these memories you can modify each axis independent.
It is possible to transfer all memories to a computer through serial channel 232.
It is available the option to determinate 4 started positions.
Limits programmable, damping and speed adjustment for all axis available.
3 control system are available: JDR (Pan Bar), Joystick and Handwheels.
The Joystick includes Focus and zoom control directly connected to the Zoom Lens through the Servo Video Lens.
All axis have 2 slip rings inside. This slips rings allow having a movement of 360º continously:

1 to transfer all communications, power, video and auxiliary signals true gold contacts.
1 to transfer Triax signal.
Or 1 to transfer HD signal.

Soon it will be available a new slip rings to transfer fibre optics signal (we will provide an upgrade kit to the old heads).
Power supply for all film and video cameras.
All accessories from the Scorpio Head, Scorpio Stabilized and Scorpio Focus are compatible with Mini Scorpio Head.
The head provides 2 different risers (10cm and 20 cm) to change the size of the head.
It is possible to work under slunk and over slung.



JDR (Pan Bar)



Connection between Mini Scorpio Head and the control desk.
Communication half duplex at 2.4GHz.
99 Channels of communication.
Output of 12V.
Video transmitter is not included